SA Agriculture in a Nutshell

South Africa is not rich in agricultural resources but is diverse in terms of climate and soil types, with the result that the country's farmers can, with innovative commercial farming practices, backed by a good infrastructure, including research and extension, fill the pantry with a large variety of essential and sought after food products throughout the year.

Few countries have South Africa's diverse capacity for the production of bananas (a tropical fruit) as well as cherries (which require a cold winter), poultry as well as ostrich meat, wine and dry fruit, all the grain types, red meat and dairy products it needs (except during droughts when some imports are needed) and fresh potatoes throughout the year.  and  general, to export more agricultural products than it imports.

Meat and Game Sugar
Egg and Milk Products Deciduous Fruit
Field Crops Vineyards
Maize Citrus
Wheat Pineapples and Other Subtropicals
Barley Vegetables
Sorghum Potatoes, Tomatoes, Onions...
Groundnuts Cotton
Sunflower Seed Virginia Tobacco
Rooibos Tea Cut Flowers, Foliage and dried flowers
Ornamental Plants More than 300 Food Crops

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