Lose yourself in wholesome country air, where the wide open spaces beckon irresistibly. Get away from the highways, the trucks, the noise and the pollution, and spend a night, a day, a week or even longer, in the homely environment of a guest farm amid the sounds and scents of nature. 

New experience in countryside elegance…..

Farmstay offers to travelers, tourists and holiday-makers throughout Southern Africa a new experience in countryside elegance and restful comfort. With scores of top-grade farm guesthouses and game lodges to choose from, all situated in easily accessible areas, you are assured of outstanding private accommodation, personal attention, delicious farm food prepared by farming folk, informality and a hospitality and service difficult to parallel elsewhere.

Many of our guest farms are located less than ten minutes from the country's main roads, yet well away from the traffic contamination and clamour, in serene settings in which you will savour those diverse natural attractions you so seldom encounter in town and city.

Excited twitter of a great diversity of bird species….

The predominant sounds you will now listen to are the bleating of lambs at play, the neighing of frisky horses, the calls of young calves for their mothers at milking-time, the plop of a fish in the farm dam, and the excited twitter of a great diversity of bird species, to name but a few. 

There is also much to do to keep you pleasantly occupied while on the farm. You will be able to view and even take part in routine operations, such as milking in the cowshed, trying your hand at a plough, helping with the care of animal orphans, rounding up flocks of sheep or herds of cattle, watch with fascination how skillful hands gather in the wool clip, help with the counting and dipping of livestock, feeding the poultry and exploring the wide open spaces.

Gaze at the rugged hills and towering mountains…

Or if you stay in unavoidably short, such as bed and breakfast only, you may prefer to simply just spare a bit of time to gaze at the rugged hills and towering mountains or to enjoy the great variety of veld flowers and indigenous vegetation still found on the farm.

The amenities available to the young and active, as well as to the not-so-young, on many of the guest farms are tennis courts, mountainbikes for challenging trails, mini golf courses, swimming pools, horse-riding and bridle paths, birding, game viewing, fly fishing as well as a diversity of other forms of recreation.

Choice of accommodation…. in uncoventional surroundings and at tariffs you can afford

Most also offer a choice of accommodation ranging from single, double or family rooms, chalets and cottages, practically all of which are equipped with modern facilities including radio and television. Many also offer options such as packages for longer than three-day stays.

Be well assured, if you like quality in attractive yet unconventional surroundings and at tariffs you can afford, you will find it on the guest farm, with its tranquil scenery and old-world charm, where you will be welcomed by really nice people not as a visitor but as a friend.  And you will savour genial hospitality not only when you are just travelling but especially when you want to escape the humdrum of city tedium and you crave for a taste of the restful ambience of life on the farm.

Do e-mail us on  august@farmstay.co.za if you need any additional information or want to participate in our project as tourist, advertiser, farm operation etc.

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