Bothaville – Welgeluk counselling farm
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A man once said: He who cannot howl, will never find his pack. At Welgeluk your host, Hantie, uses her knowledge gained from own experiences in life, practical counselling with children, as well as research for her Ph.D concerning the South African youth and the help of her many animal friends to create an environment where guests can explore their view on life through work, pray and play.

By trying to incorporate the Rule of Saint Benedict followed by monks and nuns all over the world for more than 1 600 years, we use farming activities and the “exemplary” lives of our animal friends to teach life-skills and council each other on challenges one experiences throughout life. For example: chronically ill children can identify with our epileptic wolf-hybrid and obese kids can explore their food issues through gardening.
Hantie uses farming activities to teach life-skills and counselling (small and large)
Hantie uses farming activities to teach life-skills and counselling (small and large)
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Fishing Can be arranged

Bird Watching During the rainy season we do have a lot of birds visiting and have a hammerkop and stork, as well as wild geese that visit the pool daily to catch frogs!

Other Activities Following the Rule of Saint Benedict, our motto at Welgeluk is Ora et Labora – which means “pray and work”. This is exactly what you will find here. A full day’s work – anything from cleaning cages to taking down dead trees to fixing water pipes – will challenge you physically and mentally. Enhancing both fitness and life skills like problem solving, finding your hidden talents and learning patience!

Since we seek a life of balance, there will also be time for playing pool, cricket and other games, as well as exploring the veld, being silent, reading, personality and other tests, and chats on the stoep to explore life, love and life-purpose or sometimes nothing of significance at all! Millah, our resident Husky is always up for long walks and Jádore, our English Bulldog aspires to become Bafana Bafana’s next defender and is always on the lookout for someone to play soccer with her.

Activities stretch as far as your imagination goes, since we encourage guests to NOT use the TV, internet and other technological gear that is available. We prefer hanging out with our lovely and supportive animal friends. Not only do we have farmyard animals that include a Sotho and Afrikaans speaking cockatoo, shy macaw and wolf-hybrids (Timberlake wolf/husky cross), cuddly angora goats and geese who took over the swimming pool, cute dogs and the three musketeers – a pig, sheep and boer goat who grew up together, but share our yard with a variety of insects, birds and other creatures.

It is not unusual to see a stork or hammerhead fishing toads out of the geesepond. Or meerkats sneaking around to steal food or birds eggs. At night jackals join the hybrid choir and owls guard the yard. Then there are always our wild miniature horses to go running with or the opportunity to have a paintball war with ketties amongst the poplar trees.
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Remarks: Rates will vary according to guests needs, e.g. group counselling/family counselling etc

Our accommodation includes a self-catering flat that can easily accommodate a family of four, four tents inside our chapel barn and “bedrooms” in funny, hide-away places. This includes our “weavers room” for one inside the working barn, a “semi-shack” for two where the geese are the neighbours … best to come see for yourself.

Bedding is a matter of preference. Most of our younger guests prefer sleeping bags to traditionally made up beds. We keep it clean and simple, with a challenge to our guests to find out what they really need and what can go. But don’t worry – we do have basic stuff like bathroom facilities. We have morning and evening prayers in our chapel barn, silence rules from 7 pm to 7 am (though the hybrid choir do not adhere to this) and we have a communal kitchen and playroom for use by all.
Rooms include :   Yes  Yes   No  No
Phone No
Television Yes
Radio No
Heater Yes
Roof Fan No
Airconditioner No
The pedigree Bulldogs, Sotho and Afrikaans speaking cockatoo (small) ..and other friends on the farm (large)
The pedigree Bulldogs, Sotho and Afrikaans speaking cockatoo (small) ..and other friends on the farm (large)
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Nearest Town:
Distance: 15km
Police: Yes
Hospital: Yes
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Tourist attractions in the area.
Bothaville is at the heart of what is known as the bread basket of South Africa, where an average of 550 000 tons of maize is produced annually. The town is the host town for the internationally renowned Nampo Harvest Festival held annually in May. The Nampo harvest farm is about 35 km away from Welgeluk. However, maize is not the only product to show off. Bothaville is also famous for its jolly Pioneer Maize Capital Foods and Witblits Festival held annually in October, its potent Maize Capital Witblits and Liquer, quality vegetables, lovely export roses, authentic pottery, entrepeneurs and above all for its hospitality. No wonder visitors are pleasantly surprized on visiting the town!

Agricultural sites of interest in the area.
Our maize fields are rented out to a neighbour who specializes in sustainable farming. On the 38 ha kept out for our personal activities, we are currently experimenting with bio friendly farming, thus building up a system of using our environment as it is. We are establishing a Dexter cow herd for making butter and cheese, are introducing beekeeping, establishing fruit trees and a friendship garden and in general, always trying something new
The Menu
Guests are welcome to attend to their own dietary needs, or eat with our farm workers. Our traditional, nutritious meals are sourced from a company that sells meal-packs to NGO’s and are easily cooked by anyone. This is important, since we share kitchen duties! Fruit and vegetables are also available and Sunday morning muffins may come out of the main house’s kitchen as a special surprize. Hantie is also known to spend hours perfecting soup on the wood-burning stove in winter. Pap and fruit or egg and toast for breakfast, soya and samp/rice based meals for lunch. Soup and bread for dinner. Traditionally we have a braai for all-who-wants-to visit (neighbours and local teens) on Saturday afternoons. Sometimes we are able to convince some of our Portugese/Italian/Greek friends to prepare a feast!

Farm Details
Farm Name/s:Welgeluk - 399 ha
Farming Activities: Fields for maize rented out to neighbour who specialized in sustainable farming. Just starting with vegetables, Dexter cattle stud (for cheese and butter) and introducing beekeeping.

As hobby farming we have angora goats – want to start weaving and spinning, probably as community project, also cheese making from milking goats part of planning.
Farm History: The farm has been in the current family since the 1970’s and the current owners father and grandfather were both into maize farming until their deaths. The current owner is much more interested in working with people and sharing the wonderful (although sometimes tough) experience of farm living with others.

During the 1960’s the farm belonged to a then famous crook, who landed in jail for running a pyramid scheme under the name Swaziland Cattle Ranch – legend has it that there is still some gold and diamonds from that time buried on the farm … Of course this is also the starting point for the resident ghost story and visits to the graveyard is accompanied by tales of people past

A bit about your hosts:
Technically speaking Hantie lives alone on the farm (and grew up there), but during holidays and weekends we have a selection of teens working on the farm, as well as regular visits from friends and family, all helping out and adopting animals. She is an avid biker and bookworm, with a curiosity that extends to any and every subject she can lay her hands on. Besides speaking Afrikaans and English, she also speaks German and loves meeting people from different places and walks of live. You may make friends with people from interesting places when visiting us – we do get our fair share of visitors from exciting places! Welgeluk is the ideal destination for teens (small and large)
Welgeluk is the ideal destination for teens (small and large)
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How to get there:
Route map supplied when reservations are made

  Photo gallery

The Timberlake wolf/husky cross (small) and farm house (large)
The Timberlake wolf/husky cross (small) and farm house (large)
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   Welgeluk’s motto is  “ora et labora” – “work and pray” (small) and bedroom in farm house (large)
Welgeluk’s motto is “ora et labora” – “work and pray” (small) and bedroom in farm house (large)
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